My Personal Plumpness Preference
I have seen far too few pages here belonging to FA's, so I'll add mine in. Also, even though there are many good BBW/FA link pages, I haven't found any that link only to those high-quality pages that really have good content. I am currently creating a links page which should fill this gap. The main intent of this page is just here to express my feelings about BBW's. If this page helps just one BBW understand that she is a lovable and attractive person just as she is, then it will have been worth the effort. FA technically stands for 'Fat Admirer', though I really don't like that term. I only use the abbreviation because I fit the profile. I don't admire fat. I have been known to admire large women, though for the same reasons I would admire anyone, for certain qualities of their personalities. I prefer something more like 'fat adorer', though that word is still a little bit too strong. Maybe 'fat appreciator' would be better. My preference for larger women is just that, a preference, much as some men prefer blondes or redheads. I find the extra padding to be nice, and I like to have a little something to hold on to. Like they say, there's more to love! ;-) I have also grown to appreciate BBW's for the strength that many of them develop through the difficult process of learning to accept themselves for who they are in this very non-accepting culture. Also, it's not 'only large women' for me, as I find quite a variety of women attractive.

Anyway, this is only one aspect of who I am. If you would like to know more about me, go back to my home page!
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